Quality and Craftsmanship

Gryphon Medical Solutions, a pioneer in crafting surgical instruments, epitomizes excellence in utilizing German Grade Stainless Steel for their premium medical tools. Their commitment to quality resonates through their choice of material—German Grade Stainless Steel—a testament to its exceptional quality level and suitability for forging precise and reliable medical instruments. Renowned for its composition rich in chromium, nickel, and molybdenum, this stainless steel variant ensures unparalleled corrosion resistance, vital for medical tools subjected to rigorous sterilization and harsh environments. Gryphon Medical Solutions leverages this steel's inherent strength and durability, shaping it through forging processes to create surgical instruments boasting superior mechanical properties: high tensile strength, resilience to fatigue, and precision in intricate designs. These instruments, born from the fusion of quality steel and expert craftsmanship, meet the stringent demands of the medical field, guaranteeing hygiene, reliability, and longevity. The utilization of German Grade Stainless Steel in Gryphon's surgical instruments underscores a commitment to excellence, offering medical professionals tools of unparalleled quality and performance, ultimately contributing to enhanced patient care and surgical precision.

Certified From


ISO Certified

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  2. ISO/CD 6335-2
  3. ISO 7151:1988
  4. ISO/DIS 7151
  5. ISO 7153-1:2016
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  7. ISO/CD 7554-2
  8. ISO/CD 7554-3
  9. ISO 7740:1985
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